Start a fundraising campaign


Thanks for your interest in supporting the Young Center! Not only do fundraising campaigns help to raise crucial donations for our work, but they also help raise awareness. Campaigns can also be a lot of fun! To learn more about any of the opportunities below, please email Maddie Witters at  There are several ways you can get involved: 

Host a house party or happy hour: House parties are a simple, intimate, and fun way to raise money.  Held in your home,  a fundraising house party can help you raise thousands of dollars within just a couple of short hours. You can also see if your favorite bar or restaurant hosts charity parties. The Young Center can help provide materials and support, while you provide the venue and guests.


Start a Facebook Fundraiser: Fundraise for the Young Center using Facebook fundraising tools. We’ll help you promote your fundraiser to ensure you meet your goal!


Donate your birthday, or proceeds from a race, to the Young Center. Instead of gifts this year, ask your friends and family to donate to the Young Center. Running a race anytime soon? You can use that opportunity to raise funds as well. Send us an email and  we can provide you with everything you need to get started.


Become a Young Center Ambassador: On specific days throughout the year, the Young Center hosts online fundraisers. Our ambassadors work with us to spread awareness about our mission and to raise funds by sharing emails and social media posts that we create throughout the day. Just let us know if you’d like to get involved!