Did you know children can be deported even when it’s against their best interests?


Standing in the justice gap

The Young Center is a champion for the rights and best interests of unaccompanied immigrant children, making sure that wherever they land, whether here in the U.S. or in their home country, they are safe.


We Serve


Unaccompanied children who are fleeing violence, trafficking, abuse and extreme poverty.

They are all alone.


We Advocate


For the safety and well-being of each child, while they’re detained and throughout deportation proceedings—every step of the way.


We Stand


For the creation of an immigration system that serves children.


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Non-negotiable. You Don’t Trade the Protection of one Child for Another

The White House submitted its proposal to Congress plan in which it would allegedly support some kind of protection for DREAMers in exchange for taking away protections from unaccompanied children.  Rolling back protections for unaccompanied children—children fleeing violence in Central America—is literally at the top of the administration’s list of demands.

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UNICEF Chicago Humanitarian Awards 

On November 3rd, our Executive Director, Maria Woltjen, was honored with the UNICEF Chicago Humanitarian Award for her “commitment to putting children first and the impactful work of the Young Center.”

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The Young Center is Named for One of the First Children we Served, Young Zheng

The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights pays tribute to the children we serve by naming the organization after one of our first clients, Young Zheng, a young man from China who was smuggled by ruthless traffickers at the age of 14, and expected to work off a debt of $60,000.