Introducing the Protecting Children and Family Rights Project

Photo by  Adrien Taylor

Photo by Adrien Taylor


On May 7th, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the Administration’s new policy to separate immigrant children from their parents at the border. As a result, parents are being placed in federal criminal custody, and their children sent to immigration facilities around the country. 

Under this new policy, 658 children were forcibly separated from their parents in only two weeks—at the hands of our own government. It’s downright cruel to separate children from their parents. It’s a violation of international law, state law, and the universal principle of family unity.

There is an urgent need for Child Advocates to fight on behalf of children taken from their parents, and for advocacy to reverse the Administration’s new policy of criminally charging parents and taking their children away. That's why we're launching the Protecting Children and Family Rights Project, aimed at addressing this critical problem. 

The project will be staffed by two attorneys, one in New York and one at the border, who will be working to keep families together by taking on cases involving family separation, developing Child Advocate strategies, advocating with policy makers and government officials, conducting research and gathering data, and participating in coalitions.

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