Andy and Junior Are Finally Reunited

Brothers Andy and Junior were separated at the United States border in October 2018. Seven-year-old Andy was transferred to a facility in New York and Junior, 21, was placed in an adult detention facility in Texas. The siblings were devastated, especially because Junior had been Andy’s primary caregiver in Honduras.

Four months later, Junior was released from detention. He immediately told the government that he wanted to sponsor Andy's release from government custody. This is when the Young Center got involved in Andy's case. Our New York Staff Attorney, Rebecca Rittenhouse, served as Child Advocate Supervisor for Andy’s case along with Young Center volunteer Jenny Amaya. Together they worked tirelessly to reunite the brothers.

Before Andy could be released to his brother, Junior had to appear in immigration court. Our team collaborated with an organization called "Team Brownsville" to help Junior travel and attend court. We then coordinated with another organization, Immigrant Families Together, to help Junior visit Andy in New York. This was all in an effort to get the government to release Andy to his brother.

Throughout this process, Rebecca stayed in close contact with Junior. Our volunteer visited Andy in custody every week and ensured he didn't feel abandoned during the many months he spent away from his brother. Because of their advocacy, Andy and Junior were finally reunited in April 2019.

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While Andy and Junior are together, our work is not over. The administration continues to separate immigrant families with no justifiable reason and basic protections for immigrant children are constantly under attack.

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Maddie Witters